Sysmex Privacy Policy
These Practices on Handling of Personal Information in Sysmex (“Privacy Policy”) set forth rules on handling personal information to appropriately protect personal information in such activities as collection, storage, use, provision, outsourcing, etc. of personal information in Sysmex Corporation.
1.Personal Information

  Sysmex asks for personal information in such various aspects as development, manufacturing, sales, import and export of diagnostic equipment, reagents, particle analyzers and software related thereto.

Some examples are shown in the following table

Information requested: Purpose
Name, address, e-mail address, etc. Communication from Sysmex, processing of orders, regular provision of information,etc.
Hobby, occupational field of interest, statistical survey, use status of Sysmex products and services Meeting your needs through improving products, services and response
Educational background, vocational background, etc. Recruitment of new employees

Sysmex sometimes outsources the collection of such data to its contractors.
Prior to collecting information, Sysmex will in advance declare and disclose its purpose. If you do not wish your personal information used for the declared or disclosed purpose, you are expected to contact liaison officers of respective services or contact the person for personal information indicated in 3.2.

Sysmex makes its Website available for your access via internet without disclosing personal information including name.
1.1 Collection of Personal Information
In collecting personal information Sysmex will in advance explain in detail as much as possible, for what purpose Sysmex collects such information in accordance with the provisions of laws and ordinances as well as Sysmex inner rules, whether it is provided to a third party,or disclosed for an outsourcing organization of data processing, and how to inquire.
1.2 Example of Collecting Personal Information: To respond to your request with regard to Sysmex business
Sysmex uses your personal information provided in order to appropriately respond to your request with regard to Sysmex business (e.g. products or services, inquiry, telephone communication, visit and provision of particular sales materials, etc.). Under such circumstances, Sysmex sometimes provides or consigns your personal information to its affiliates (cf. 2.1 Inner-group Common Use), contractors, distributors, financial institutions, carriers, post offices, administrative organizations, etc. to the extent necessary to respond to your request. Sysmex also uses personal information for its customer satisfaction analysis or market research in relation to the business transaction you requested to Sysmex.
1.3 Example of Collecting Personal Information: Business Activities
Sysmex sometimes uses information provided by you through business activities via telephone or customer visiting by Sysmex (provision of information, proposals, delivery of products, sales promotion activities, repair or preventive maintenance activities, response to inquiries, etc.) in order to appropriately adapt way of services or communication by Sysmex to your needs or improve Sysmex products and services. Sysmex monitors telephone conversation in business activities or get it on tape if necessary, in order to improve quality of service and to avoid unnecessary disputes.
1.4 Example of Collecting Personal Information: Recruiting activities
Sysmex sometimes requests applicants to provide their personal information in curriculum vitae or other application formats in recruiting via Websites or other media. In such case Sysmex uses the information submitted by applicants for studying employment of applicants or for responding to inquiries from applicants. Unless otherwise requested by applicants, Sysmex keeps such information for a certain period for studying employment opportunities in future.
1.5 Example of Collecting Personal Information: Membership Website
You can access Websites specialized in respective services when requesting for Sysmex to provide scientific support, information on a particle analyzer or equipment and other information. Then, you are requested by Sysmex to provide such personal information as name, address, e-mail address, etc. In such case Sysmex uses the information to distribute e-mail newsletters or other information related to Websites. Please note that respective Websites has its own rules or conditions.
1.6 Example of Collecting Personal Information: Chatting etc.
Some Websites provide such services as, chat, forum, BBS, news, exchange of e-mail. Please note that information disclosed by yourself becomes public information accessible to general public. Please note at the same time that there are some rules or conditions proper to respective Websites. In addition, opinions posted in such services are opinions of individual participants therein, and does not reflect those of Sysmex. Sysmex reserves the right to delete any posting which, Sysmex has reasonable cause to believe, is infringing unreasonably rights of other persons.
2.Rules on Handling Personal Information

2.1 Inner-group Common Use

Sysmex and its affiliates utilize personal information subject to the Privacy Policy commonly for inner use.
There are some countries or regions where personal information is not legally or fully protected, but Sysmex orders its affiliates to process such information subject to the Privacy Policy.
Affiliates of Sysmex include following enterprises:

Sysmex International Reagents Co., Ltd.
Sysmex RA Co., Ltd.
Sysmex Medica Co., Ltd.
Sysmex TMC Co., Ltd.
Sysmex CNA Co., Ltd.
Sysmex Business Support Co., Ltd.
Sysmex Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Medicaroid Corporation
Sysmex bioMérieux Co., Ltd.
Sysmex America, Inc.
Sysmex Reagents America, Inc.
Sysmex Inostics, Inc.
Sysmex Canada, Inc.
Sysmex Diagnosticos Mexico,S.A. de C.V.
Sysmex Colombia SAS
Sysmex do Brasil Industria e Comercio Ltda.
Sysmex Europe GmbH
Sysmex Deutschland GmbH
Sysmex Partec GmbH
Sysmex Inostics GmbH
Sysmex UK Limited
Sysmex France S.A.S.
Sysmex Espana S.L.
Sysmex Belgium N.V.
Sysmex Nederland B.V.
Sysmex Polska Sp.z o.o.
Sysmex Suisse AG
Sysmex Austria GmbH
Sysmex Hungaria Kft.
Sysmex CZ s.r.o.
Sysmex Slovakia s.r.o.
Sysmex RUS LLC
Sysmex Turkey Diagnostik Sistemleri Ltd. Sti.
Sysmex Middle East FZ-LLC
Sysmex South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
Sysmex Shanghai Ltd.
Jinan Sysmex Medical Electronics Co.,Ltd
Sysmex Hong Kong Limited
Sysmex Wuxi Co.,Ltd.
Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
Sysmex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Sysmex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sysmex Vietnam Company Limited
PT. Sysmex Indonesia
Sysmex Transasia Services Pvt Ltd.
Sysmex India Pvt. Ltd.
Sysmex Philippines Inc.
Sysmex Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
Sysmex Korea Co., Ltd.
Sysmex Australia Pty Ltd.
Sysmex New Zealand Limited

The scope and purposes of common use are the same as those mentioned in 1. “Personal Information”.
Sysmex is responsible for management of personal information. Contact person is indicated in 3.2 “Contact Person for Personal Information”.

2.2 Confidentiality and Accuracy of Personal Information
Sysmex will take appropriate measures and steps to secure confidentiality and accuracy of personal information in various manners, e.g. by way of encryption in transmitting particularly important personal information.
Sysmex sometimes supplements the information provided by you to Sysmex via Websites with other legally provided information in order to keep accuracy of information collected by Sysmex and provide better services to you.
2.3 Provision of Information to Third Parties
Sysmex provides the personal information collected to third parties definitely with your prior consent except cases as specified in any one of the following items (1) to (5) that is set forth in Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act. In this case, Sysmex requests such third parties to process the information in accordance with terms and conditions of respective transactions and in compliance with the Privacy Policy and supervise them accordingly.

(1) Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws and ordinances

(2) Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain your prior consent

(3) Cases in which the provision of personal information is specially necessary for improving public hygiene or promoting the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain your prior consent

(4) Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a state institution, a local public body, or an individual or entity entrusted by such a state institution or a local public body in executing the operations prescribed by laws and in which obtaining the consent of the person might impede the execution of the operations concerned

(5) Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the Personal Information Protection Act(as shown below)

Sysmex, under Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the Personal Information Protection Act, may provide personal information which is collected from the customers, to third parties only in the following purpose and scope shown below. If you request Sysmex to stop such provision of your personal information to third parties, please contact “Contact Person” specified in “3.2 Contact Person for Personal Information”. Sysmex will stop the provision in response to your requests.

(a) Recipient of Personal Information

-distributors or agents for Sysmex that are in charge

(b) Purpose of Provision

-to contact or discuss business

-to respond to inquiries

-to confirm the end-user,the installation site, the after-sales service history of products, etc. in order to improve the service to the customers

-to inform you of exhibitions, seminars, products, services, etc.

-to collect quality information and to give production and development div. the feedback

(c) Items of the Personal Data Provided to Third Parties


-place of work, division name, work address, work number, work e-mail address

-the details of business talk, request, etc.

(d) Means or Method of Provision to Third Parties

-in orality, writing or electronic data
2.4 Outsourcing Information Processing
Sysmex sometimes outsources collection, use and other processing of personal information to contractors. Sysmex will request such contractors to process such information in compliance with the Privacy Policy and supervise them accordingly.
2.5 Merger and Acquisition
Due to the strategic reasons or other business purposes, Sysmex sometimes sells, purchases, absorbs a certain part or whole of business or reorganize by other means. Disclosure of personal information by Sysmex to actual or prospective buyers of the business or reception of personal information by Sysmex from sellers of the business will be accompanied with such transactions. In these cases Sysmex will make best efforts to appropriately protect personal information.
2.6 Cookies, etc.
Apart from personal information, Sysmex sometimes, in order to improve its services, collect anonymous information of Websites visitors with the visitors unidentified. For example, Sysmex records from which domain visitors access Sysmex Websites and how they behave in Websites. Anonymity of the information so collected is kept also in such situation. This information is written in “access log”. Sysmex and its contractors will analyze the trend and features of visitors written in such access log in order to improve its services.
In collecting personal information in respective Websites, Sysmex may extract some information on the access from such anonymous data and combine it with information from other sources (e.g. access log). Such information will be analyzed and used on a collective basis in order to grasp general trend and pattern of visitors, but will in no way be used as information related to particular persons.
Sysmex will collect personal information by using various technologies, one of which is a device called “cookies”. By this mechanism data are transmitted to the visitor’s browsers from Websites and are stored in the visitor’s computers as identifier not of the visitor, but of computers that the visitor is using. In Websites there are pages that use cookies to transmit such data by Sysmex or other technologies in order that the visitor can more easily and conveniently access such pages in repeated visits. Visitors may set up their own computers to make them notify the visitors of reception of such data, or to make them reject reception of such data. In using cookies for collection of information, Sysmex will make best efforts to instruct visitors in advance of purposes of using cookies and method of collection of information. Visitors may disenable the cookie capability of their own browser software. In such case, however, visitors may have a disadvantage that they can not use the services of Websites in whole or in part. Sysmex will adjust the validity of cookies for a period of several days or a month, depending on its Websites.
2.7 Disclosure Obliged by Law
Please acknowledge that Sysmex is requested to disclose personal information by administrative or investigative organizations, etc. pursuant to provisions of laws and ordinances. Sometimes Sysmex may be placed in a position unable to instruct you of such request.
2.8 Links to other Websites
Websites may contain links to other websites. As such websites are out of Sysmex control, Sysmex is in no circumstances liable to visitors for protection of personal information or contents on such other websites.

3.1 Amendment of the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy is renewed on October 21, 2005. If the Privacy Policy is significantly changed, Sysmex will publish its amendment on Sysmex Websites.
3.2 Contact Person for Personal Information
Anyone who has questions or complains is requested to contact the following Contact Person:

Department in charge Legal Affairs Div.
Operating Entity Sysmex Corporation
Address 1-5-1 Wakinohama-Kaigandori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0073 Japan
Telephone Number (+81) 78-265-0500
Facsimile (+81) 78-265-0524

Contact Person:
If you have any questions about the method of handling personal information, or request Symex to disclose personal information provided to Sysmex or to amend errors in the information registered with Sysmex, please feel free to contact the Contact Person. Sysmex may confirm your identity and other details before Sysmex responds to your request. Sysmex will make best efforts to respond within a reasonable period.

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