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Corporate Compliance Efforts

To Maintain Constancy of Sysmex Group
Structure to Ensure Corporate Compliance

Since 2003, Sysmex has taken measures to set up internal rules and raise employee awareness regarding corporate compliance.

Sysmex has also strengthened overall Group compliance by appointing the chairperson of the Compliance Committee to the position of Group Compliance Officer.

Structure to Ensure Corporate Compliance

“Doing the Right Thing” as a Matter of Course

Sysmex’s compliance efforts are aimed at helping every one of its employees recognize corporate compliance as fundamental, and helping them to incorporate it naturally into everyday practice.

Sysmex has positioned employee education as a basic way of ensuring corporate compliance and has introduced corporate compliance programs into educational programs for new employees, as well as seminars for each rank, so that they can follow Sysmex’s compliance code in their business practices.

The compliance code was developed in 2006 by revising the code of conduct for compliance formulated in 2003 so that the code can apply to all of Sysmex’s Group companies in Japan. It summarizes the most important rules to be followed in our business operations. Sysmex has also enriched educational tools, including a guidebook that supplements the compliance code with details about fair dealings with other companies, insider trading, and sexual harassment, while encouraging well-planned and voluntary educational programs.
Compliance Code Compliance code PDF file(99KB)
Campanula Lines” as an Internal Reporting System
Sysmex has established “Campanula Lines,” which nationwide Group company employees can contact when they need guidance about a compliance issue, or wish to report a compliance concern. Campanula Lines consists of two lines: the in-house line managed by in-house staff, and the external line that is contracted to a law firm. Consultations and reports can be made anonymously by telephone, in writing, or via email, and the utmost care is taken to maintain this anonymity.
What is Campanula?
Campanula means “a small bell” in Latin and is the name of a popular flower commonly known as “bell flower,” or in Japanese, “Canterbury bell.” The flower is a symbol of constancy and gratitude. Campanula Lines was named after the flower, in the hope that employees will remind each other to maintain the constancy of Sysmex Group.

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