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Environmental Conservation Activities


We carry out our business in strict compliance with laws and regulations, as well as in adherence to high ethical standards. As a responsible member of society, we play an active role in resolving environmental issues and other problems that impact our society today.

Environmental Policy

We have formulated an environmental policy and core behaviors for the creation of a fulfilling and healthy society through environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Management

We have obtained international ISO 14001 certification at our major business offices in Japan and overseas, and we undertake other activities in a planned manner.

Environmentally Conscious Products and Services

Our products and services comply with laws and regulations, and we pursue initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Consciousness at Business Offices

We endeavor to identify and reduce environmental impact at our business offices, including direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, waste discharge and water use.

Other Environmental Considerations

We examine the impact of our businesses on the environment from various angles and introduce countermeasures as necessary.

Green Procurement

Sysmex promotes green procurement to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

Environmental Data

Sysmex quantitatively monitors environmental burden to efficiently promote environmental conservation activities.

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