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Message from the Chairman and CEO

We address the shared desire of all people to remain healthy by providing products and services backed by leading-edge technologies and building trust and confidence.

Contributing to the Advancement of Healthcare through Testing

In line with our mission of "shaping the advancement of healthcare," which is defined in the "Sysmex Way," the corporate philosophy for the Sysmex Group, Sysmex works to contribute to the development of healthcare and the healthy lives of people. Since our founding in 1968, we have created a wide spectrum of products and services in the in-vitro diagnostics field based on advanced technologies, and the Group’s products are used in more than 190 countries around the world.

In recent years, the environment surrounding the healthcare business has changed dramatically. In advanced countries, new needs are emerging as populations age and attention focuses on individually optimized healthcare (personalized medicine). Meanwhile, emerging markets—including China and countries in Southeast Asia and Central and South America—are working to expand their healthcare infrastructures and offer more sophisticated healthcare in line with their economic development.

In this environment, testing is playing an increasingly important role in illness prevention, early detection and the determination of treatment methods. We aim to swiftly address these changes in the environment and respond to people’s desire to remain healthy by meeting increasingly diverse and advanced testing needs.

In fiscal 2014, we launched the HISCL-800, a new product in the HISCL-Series of automated immunoassay analyzers that aids in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, cancers, heart diseases and autoimmune diseases and in monitoring their courses of treatment. This product inherits such series characteristics as minute samples, a high degree of sensitivity and fast measurement, and is compact, being approximately 60% the width of existing models. We also introduced the XN-L-Series, a compact automated hematology analyzer. Aimed primarily to meet demand at small and medium-sized facilities in advanced markets and expected growth in emerging markets, with these products we expect to provide advanced testing in numerous regions and circumstances.

Building Trust and Confidence among Stakeholders

In keeping with its corporate philosophy, Sysmex prioritizes the building of trust and confidence among its stakeholders.

In fiscal 2014, we responded to growing global demand for testing by reorganizing our instrument manufacturing structure, creating a system to ensure the stable delivery of products of even higher quality. We opened the doors of i-Square, a new factory in the city of Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, and expanded the factories at two Group companies in Japan. These moves will approximately triple our future supply capacity at our four factories, including Kakogawa Factory. We also set up a logistics center within i-Square to directly link our manufacturing and distribution functions. At the same time, we revised our product packaging materials and promoted such reforms as increasing loading ratios. In addition to making logistics more efficient, these moves are helping to reduce our CO2 footprint. Overseas, we augmented production capacities at our reagent factories in Singapore and Germany. As well as ensuring high levels of quality and production efficiency, we strove to make these factories even more comfortable places for employees to work.

Besides its business-related initiatives, Sysmex also undertook a variety of social contribution activities. For example, because as a healthcare company we believe in contributing to a healthy society through sports, we have supported the Kobe Marathon since its inception. We were a special sponsor of the fourth Kobe Marathon, which was held in November 2014, and our volunteers supported event operations in such ways as providing water to runners.

Overseas, we conduct a host of social contribution activities tailored to the characteristics of individual regions. To help stamp out cancer, one of the world’s most deadly diseases, in fiscal 2014 we launched the Sysmex Against Cancer campaign in the EMEA* region. Employee volunteers from different locations joined together in planning and conducting a variety of fund-raising events, with proceeds donated to the World Cancer Research Fund.

* Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Aiming to Make Further Progress with a New Mid-Term Management Plan

We have recently formulated a new Group mid-term management plan to guide Sysmex through fiscal 2017.

In addition to developing high-value-added products that anticipate customers’ needs and rolling out a global business strategy, this plan calls for the Company to augment management soundness and transparency by revising its internal control system. These measures are intended to enhance our sustainable corporate value. We will also reinforce interactive communication with diverse stakeholders.

When formulating our mid-term management plan, we also revised our mid-term CSR plan. This plan is based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which the Company joined in 2011, and ISO 26000. The plan calls for further globalization of our businesses and re-establishes targets for future activities based on the increasingly diverse and sophisticated demands and expectations of our stakeholders.

Sysmex aims to continue achieving sustainable growth going forward and strives to earn the trust of all our stakeholders. As we undertake these endeavors, I ask for your further understanding and support going forward.

July 2015

Hisashi Ietsugu
Chairman and CEO Hisashi Ietsugu

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