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Risk Management

Risk Management Structure

Promoting Risk Management by Establishing a Dedicated Committee

To control groupwide risk management activities, Sysmex established a Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by a risk management officer, the Group’s chief executive in charge of risk management. The risk management officer is a senior executive officer of Sysmex Corporation who, as chair of the Risk Management Committee, identifies major risks having the potential to significantly impact the Group’s business and consistently observes the results of risk response and monitoring by individual divisions and affiliated companies.

For everyday risk management, committees other than the Risk Management Committee, as well as departments and affiliated companies, respond independently to operational risks. We clarify the responsibilities and roles of the Risk Management Committee for responding to significant risks to the Group, and have in place a risk management structure for responding to these risks swiftly and decisively.

Risk Management Structure

Risk Management Structure

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Disaster Response

Creation of a Structure for Responding Swiftly in Times of Emergency

Sysmex has formulated a business continuity plan and regulations on disaster response, putting in place systems to ensure a rapid response in times of emergency. In addition, we have introduced at affiliated companies in Japan the safety confirmation tools Sysmex Corporation employs as a means of emergency communication. This system allows us to quickly determine the safety of members across the Group. We regularly conduct disaster drills at the Group’s business offices, including those of affiliated companies in Japan, to instill an understanding of actions required in times of disaster.

The groupwide backbone IT system that Sysmex Corporation operates is located at external, disaster-resistant data centers. In addition, we created a backup structure so that we can quickly switch to a backup system in the event that disaster renders our regular system inoperable.

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Information Security

Conducting Ongoing Training to Increase Awareness and Ensure Rules Are Entrenched

Sysmex handles data about its customers, as well as on the entities with which it collaborates on R&D and other testing. We recognize the importance of upholding information such as this, as well as of other important corporate secrets, and view the leak of such corporate secrets as an important risk for the Group. Accordingly, we have in place structures to prevent this risk from materializing.

For this reason, Sysmex Corporation and its affiliated companies in Japan conducts ongoing training for all employees at the divisional manager level and below to impress upon them the importance of and increase awareness of information management and entrench our rules on managing corporate secrecy.

In fiscal 2014, we conducted e-learning related to managing corporate information secrecy. In addition, in the Sales & Marketing East / Japan and Sales & Marketing West /Japan divisions, we conducted training on personal information protection for managers and directors.

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