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Sysmex's History


2000 Jan Established the Chinese subsidiary Sysmex Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai.
  Mar Promoted to the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.
    Established the French subsidiary SYSMEX FRANCE S.A.R.L. (presently Sysmex France S.A.S.)
  Apr Established the Central Research Laboratories in the Techno Center(presently the Technopark).
    Kakogawa Factory obtained ISO14001 certification for its global standard of environmental management.
  May Established the Taiwanese subsidiary Sysmex San Tung Co., Ltd. (presently Sysmex TAIWAN Co.,Ltd)

Central Research Laboratories

2001 Mar Established the African Service Center to provide technical services in Africa.
  Aug INTERNATIONAL REAGENTS CORPORATION (presently Sysmex International Reagents Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary.
  Sep Launched PAMIA-40i Immunoagglutination analyzer, which reduces testing time by two-thirds through whole blood testing.
  Oct Acquired Delphic Medical Systems and changed its name to Sysmex Delphic Limited. (presently Sysmex New Zealand Limited).
2002 Mar Established the Indonesian subsidiary PT. Sysmex Indonesia.
  May Developed genetic testing technology that can detect cancer cell metastasis in lymph nodes within 15 minutes.
  Oct RA SYSTEMS CORPORATION (presently Sysmex RA Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary.
2003 Jun Merged two US subsidiaries,SYSMEX CORPORATION OF AMERICA and SYSMEX INFOSYSTEMS AMERICA,INC. to establish Sysmex America, Inc.
  Aug Established the Chinese subsidiary Sysmex Wuxi Co.,Ltd.(the 2nd reagent factory) in Jiangsu.
  Oct The peripheral blood vessel monitoring system ASTRIM SU was awarded the Good Design Award.
  Dec SYSMEX DELPHIC LIMITED (presently Sysmex New Zealand Limited) became a subsidiary.
2004 Apr CNA CO., LTD. (presently Sysmex CNA Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary.
    Sysmex’s immature cell measuring reagent technology was awarded an Honorable Mention under the National Commendation for Invention in 2004.
  Jun Established research and development bases at the Business Support Center for Biomedical Research Activities (BMA) on Port Island Second Stage, on Port Island in Kobe.
2005 Apr Established the Polish subsidiary Sysmex Polsca Sp.z o.o.
  May Established the Solution Center in Nishi-ku, Kobe.
  Nov Carried out a two-for-one stock split.
  Dec Established Sysmex Women’s Track & Field Team.


2006 Jan Launched the high-performance, compact automated hematology analyzer XS series.
  May Established the South Africa subsidiary Sysmex South Africa(Pty)Ltd.
  Jul Opened R&D Center Europe in Germany.
  Aug Launched the in vitro diagnostics industry's first coagulation analyzer with a multi-wavelength pre-analytical check, the CS-2000i.
  Sep Established the Swiss subsidiary Sysmex Digitana AG (presently Sysmex Suisse AG).
  Dec Entered into agreements for joint R&D, clinical development and marketing with Affymetrix, a U.S. company that manufactures genetic analysis systems for life science research and clinical healthcare.

XS series


2007 Apr Established Corporate Philosophy, the Sysmex Way, and Core Corporate Behaviors.
    Established Tokyo Office and a Metropolitan Area Service Center.
  May Launched the rapid respiratory infection diagnosis kit, POCTEM S Series.
  Jun Formed a Global Partnership with bioMérieux (France) for urinary screening in microbiology.
  Sep Established the Austrian subsidiary Sysmex Austria GmbH.
    Established the Slovak subsidiary Sysmex Slovakia s.r.o.
    Launched the automated hematology analyzer XE-5000, a new model of hematology analyzers in Europe.
  Oct Established the Hungarian subsidiary Sysmex Hungaria Kft.
    Established the Canadian subsidiary Sysmex Canada, Inc.
    Established the Czech subsidiary SYSMEX CESKA REPUBLIKA S.R.O. (presently Sysmex CZ s.r.o.).
    Released the HISCL-2000i, a fully-automated immunoassay analyzer enabling highly-sensitive, high-speed assay.



2008 Apr Formed a commercial joint venture with bioMérieux in the Japanese in vitro diagnostics market.
  Jun Released the gene amplification detector RD-100i.
    Established the Dubai subsidiary Sysmex Middle East FZ-LLC.
  Oct Redesigned the corporate logo on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the company's establishment.

Established Technopark, Sysmex's research and development headquarters, double the size of the previous Techno Centre facilities.


Corporate logo


2009 Jan Established the Indian joint venture Sysmex Transasia Services Pvt Ltd.
  Feb Joint development, with the Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health, of technology to detect the avian influenza virus easily and quickly.
  Launched the XT-4000i, a new model in the XT Series of hematology analyzers.
  Apr Opened the Sysmex Kids Park, an in-house daycare center at Technopark.
    Established the Netherland subsidiary Sysmex Nederland B.V.
    Established the Belgian subsidiary Sysmex Belgium B.V.
  Dec Opened the Diagnostic Reagent Development Center in Wuxi, China

Sysmex Kids Park


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