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Sysmex's History


1961 Jun TOA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (presently TOA CORPORATION) entered the medical electronics market. The company founded a new laboratory, where three engineers began research in this field.
1963 Dec Successfully commercialized the automated hematology analyzer CC-1001, the first blood cell counter in Japan.


1966 Jan Launched the automated hematology analyzer CC-1002.


1967 Jul Launched Cellkit, a diluent solution, and Saponin S, a Lysing reagent. These were the first reagents developed by an electrical equipment manufacturer.

Saponin S

1968 Feb Established TOA MEDICAL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (presently Sysmex Corporation) for the purpose of marketing electronic medical equipment (automatic blood cell counters) manufactured by TOA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (presently TOA CORPORATION).

Sysmex Corporation

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