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Technopark The Sysmex Group's core R&D facility for Creation of 'Knowledge' and Its Inheritance

As the healthcare environment continues to grow more complex and advanced, Sysmex taps into its unique technologies to provide new value to our customers rather than simply responding to customer demands. It was out of this wish that, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of our foundation, we established Technopark, our new core R&D base, based on concept of "Creation of 'Knowledge' and Its Inheritance", Technopark is responsible for not only succeeding proprietary "intellectual property" that we have accumulated, but also for advancing this painstakingly-earned property through addition of new innovations.
Equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities, Technopark provides an opportunity for researchers and engineers in many different fields from around the world to gather and exchange information and to put their knowledge and know-how to full use for further advancement and integration of technologies.

R&D Tower

Creating new ideas from integrated R&D activities

"An office environment that encourages researchers and engineers to engage in interdisciplinary and cross-sectional cooperation and spontaneous discussions which are beneficial to them" - according to this concept, R&D Tower arranges laboratory and office space on the same floor so that floor layout can be flexibly changed according to the needs of current research themes and projects. Although the developers of instruments, reagents, and software once were in an unbound state, now this flexibility brings them to work together on a per-project basis at each floor .A collaboration area at the stairwell ensures smooth communications among people on different floor levels, as well as those on the same level. The Tower is also equipped with a large auditorium capable of holding academic conferences and presentations of research findings, and a library which boasts a large collection of academic documents in specially in-vitro diagnostic field.

Central Office

Introducing Evolution of Sysmex in Technology

Central Office houses an exhibit of our history and technologies, showcasing our legacy of "knowledge." At the Techno Cube "Ma," the progress of the company and its technologies is introduced using the latest techniques. At the "Core Technologies" exhibit room, the latest detectors are on display to show our proprietary technologies.

East Laboratories

Promoting efficiency in product development

East Laboratories contains an anechoic chamber and other laboratories. By verifying from the development stage whether the electromagnetic waves generated by our products influence other instruments, or whether electromagnetic waves from the outside affect testing results, we are able to greatly enhance our products' reliability, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of product development.
- An anechoic chamber is a specially-designed room which has been shielded to shut out all electromagnetic waves from the outside and to prevent any electromagnetic waves from escaping. Inside the chamber, no electromagnetic waves are reflected.

Kids Park

Supporting Employees' Work and Their Families

Sysmex has an in-house daycare center that provides peace of mind to employees so that they can remain involved in their work while raising children. In this way, Sysmex provides support both for their work and their families.

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